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J. B. Edwards & Co SA aims to offer to its customers and partners
services for both business area.

Via Soave 8

6900 Lugano, Switzerland

We provide complete
tailormade solutions.

J. B. Edwards & Co SA main positive aspect consist of a totally personalized customer management: in fact there is a dedicated trader for each Customer. Offers and Routing are managed and modified on a daily basis, depending on negotiating and requests of Customer’s buyers to the respective trader.


J. B. Edwards & Co SA services consist of routing and termination of National and International voice calls received from its customers directly interconnected, towards the related termination Operator through its own voice platform.

Wholesale is an electronic Telecommunication Market where transactions between Buyers and Sellers are made in an distinctive Telecommunication trading environment. In particular, wholesale terminations from different Carriers are sold to other Carriers at higher prices.